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Piss up - just for laughs
 [*In an effort to cheer Annabelle up a bit after everything that's been going on lately, Flash has grabbed a few bottles of Trinski from the supply and they're crashing at the park to chill out a bit*]

Here ya go.  [*He's just going to hand her one of the bottles*]  Before you turn into Milla for good.  

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[Annabelle takes the bottle she's never really got the hang of drinking but with all that's going on, now seems like a really time to try. She takes the lid of off and takes a gulp. She nearly spits it out since it burns a lot] do you drink this stuff all the time?

[*Grins but manages not to laugh at her out right, taking the top off his own bottle and taking a drink*] You get the hang of it, used to be worse. It's smoother here, at least the Twins ain't makin' it.

I think I would need a death wish to try their version [takes another sip] least it doesn't taste like piss

Oi! [*Laughing loudly*] I help 'em with that ya know!

[she smiles, teasing a little] what you stir the ingredients?

[*GOing along with it*] Oh no, they don't actually let me near the stuff, I just hold the fire extinguisher at the ready.

They trust you with that?!

I've had a lot of practise. And the school's not had a serious fire in years, and I wasn't even there when that happened!

But I bet you had something to do with the planning of it, you and the rest [vague hand wave and another gulp] are never far from trouble

[*Grins*] Well yeah, but I thought they were planning it for the following week. [*Takes another swig*] Actually I think a bad batch of this [*Shakes his bottle, before drinking a little more*] went up, that or the fire-fighters drank it.

I could see how it starts fires. I feel like I could breathe fire right now

[*Defiantly teasing and generally winding her up*]. Tut tut Annabelle, how long you been at St T's and you ain't a seasoned drinker yet?

....not long enough apparently...but I have fun and loose and...

See that's ya problem right there, you clearly at ha enough to drown the CLC part of ya.

I am not a Verity! [is going to take a good few gulps to prove it] I'm not a snob...not really.

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