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[*Hearing a knock at the door Flash moves to answer it, although he looks more than a little disapointed by who it is*]

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[Andrea's stood on the doorstep, biting her lip]

Flash? Can we talk?

[*Walks away, leaving the door open, there might be sarcasm in his voice but you can't tell for certain*] Sure, why ever not?

[she comes in, somewhat hesitently, and perches on the sofa]
Flash... I know you're not Miss Fritton, but... I've got no one else to talk to. Flash, everyone hates me.

Oh? And why might that be? [* He's staying with some distance between them, his back still to her as he hunts through a cupboard so she can't see his face when he says this*]

I don't know... Well, Susan hates me because I'm always in trouble at school. And Eric hates me because I'm not scared of him...And Rachel, because I burned her posters... But Faith exploded at me, and I don't get why, and now Kelly's not talking, and Taylor.... Trey...
[she laspes into silence, not really knowing why Taylor's gone quieter - or not wanting to admit it to herself]

[*Turns round, fighting to keep his face neutral*] Kelly's not talking to you? How come?

[she sighs] Trey told Kelly that I wrote a note to your hand writing. And she won't believe me when I said that it wasn't me, it must've been... [gulp] you.

[*And the neutral is gone*] This note wouldn't happen to be a love letter which was the reason she broke up with me was it? Funny how when things like that get around once people find out aint it?

[*furious*] So tell me, who is the only person who can forge my handwriting so well even Kell couldn't tell the difference?

You think it was me, don't you? Flash, I didn't forge that note. I didn't.

[*Yelling*] So who did?

[*And the question is left hanging*]

[quietly] How would I know that? [she's in tears, sobbing silently] Flash, you have to believe me... you're the only one left... Please, Flash.

[*Well he's not yelling but he still sounds furious*] She broke up with me Andrea! Kelly broke up with me and I thought she was seeing someone else. Can you seriously say that that weren't your fault, that you think I actually wrote that note?

[she's just gonna stare at her hands guiltily. The tears have dried somewhat, and now all that she feels is guilt]

You know Kelly has never loved anyone but you...

I didn't ask that, did I? And I swear, if you don't tell me the truth, you can sort this fucking mess out yourself.

[She flinches at his words, but she can't...there's a pause]
Faith hates me too, Flash.

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